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this is a split in the sense that:

-garrett and zack were gonna go to the same college, but zack bailed
-garrett and zack recorded this on opposite ends of the country--portland, ore. and poughkeepsie, ny respectively
-garrett and zack stopped talking then started talking and conceived this idea
-garrett and zack communicated via internet, outside of their real bodies using a bunch of 01001001001 binary shits that neither of us have a full grasp on but still use anyway so what does that suggest about the condition of the internet age(?)
-planaria split when you cut them with a razor blade
-amoebas exist, they also split
-so do worms, and you can cut them apart, but do they ever really live the same again? (contrary to what toddlers told toddler garrett and toddler zack)

concept release about all of the above, enjoy~~~

-g + z

explore zack's beautiful deformity here:
and here:



released April 29, 2014

lone fir graveyard written and recorded by garrett linck
bass by zack

pig written and recorded by zack
bass by zack

album art by a.j. cincotta-eichenfield



all rights reserved


Garrett Linck Portland, Oregon

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